Fashion historian Raissa Bretaña fact checks the historical accuracy of the costumes in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. She analyzes Rose Dewitt Bukater's white suit and dinner dresses, and explains every layer of historical dress from 1910s high society, from undergarments and corset to the her shoes […]

Read more about the upcoming collaborative collection here >> Source: Melissachannel, YouTube.

For the latest episode of Itemized we're taking a look at the seasonally-appropriate nylon shorts, following discussions on camp shirts, denim jackets, track pants, oversized button-downs, and tie-dye. Per usual with the series, we teach you how to wear the garments, while also revealing where to cop […]

Watch J Balvin slip into his pink and white Dior ensemble, which he accessorized heavily (he wore four rings on one hand that spelled out D-I-O-R), and then run straight from the runway to the private jet tarmac to make his show in Morocco. Source: Vogue, YouTube.

Eight-time NBA all-star Russell Westbrook got prepped for Virgil Abloh’s pastel tinted Louis Vuitton show in style. Source: Vogue, YouTube.

Alexander Wang, whose fashion designs have been worn by Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, tells us why all black outfits are important to his personal style and brand style. He taught us how to put together an all black outfit. We cover textures, proportions, and accessories. […]

A Fashion shares its' prediction for the 7 biggest trends during Fall 2019 based on a compilation of runway shows. Source: A Fashion, YouTube.

Wrangler launches its' summer campaign in Europe. Source: Wrangler Europe, YouTube.

Sophia Altholz, founder and creator of SophDawg, always thought of herself as a doodler and drawer. She took this hobby and turned it into a passion. Using a questionnaire to learn more about a customer, she creates custom sneakers with colorful characters and designs. Source: Insider, YouTube.

Curtains Up on our short film co-created with the LGBTQ+ community in celebration of #WorldPride and in support of the Hetrick Martin Institute. Told through the lens of five decades of music, dance and fashion and narrated with voices from the LGBTQ+ community, the piece honors the journey, optimism, […]

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