Estadísticas de la industria de la moda en Mexico

Oportunidades de trabajo en la moda

Cuota de mercado de la industria de la moda: 13.5 percent
Valor de mercado de la industria de la moda: 42.24 billion dollars

General data

Population: 127.5 million
Labor force: 54.5 million
Unemployment rate: 4.9 %
GDP per capita (PPS): 188,726 pesos

Fashion Companies

Company name: Market value Annual revenue Company type
Liverpool 52 billion pesos 83 billion pesos Private
Grupo Famsa 12 billion pesos 20 billion pesos Private

Consumer Expenditure

  • Annual expenditure on clothing: 251 billion pesos
  • Annual expenditure on footwear: 94 billion pesos

Imports & Exports (2016)

Exports of clothing, footwear and textiles: 136.5 billion pesos

Exports of clothing and textiles: 123.6 billion pesos

Men’suits, not knit: 33.2 billion pesos
T-shirts 12.9 billion pesos
Women’s suits, not knit: 6.1 billion pesos
Synthetic fibers 5.2 trillion pesos

Exports of footwear and headwear: 12.8 billion pesos

Footwear, with leather body: 8 billion pesos
Parts of footwear: 1.2 billion pesos
Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 1.1 billion pesos

Imports of clothing, textiles and footwear: 201 billion pesos

Imports of clothing and textiles: 179.9 billion pesos

Textiles with plastic: 13 billion pesos
Nonwoven fabric: 9.9 billion pesos
Knitting: 8.2 billion pesos
Synthetic woven fabrics: 7.7 billion pesos
T-shirts: 7.4 billion pesos
Rope: 7.2 billion pesos

Imports of footwear and headwear: 21.2 billion pesos

Footwear, with textile body: 6.4 billion pesos
Footwear, with leather body: 5.1 billion pesos
Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 4.9 billion pesos


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