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FashionUnited’s Privacy Commitment

FashionUnited values your trust in its services and is committed to maintaining that trust and respecting your privacy. FashionUnited ensures that information is gathered for purposes related to FashionUnited services and will only be used by FashionUnited and will not be sold to third parties. When you contact a third party within the FashionUnited network, this will be stated clearly before you send information. You may, at any time, contact FashionUnited to update, modify, view, correct or remove your personal information from the database.

FashionUnited’s promise

Since FashionUnited's start we have been committed to our users' privacy and have acted in the GDPR mindset since the beginning, even though it did not exist back then. We are continuously updating the platform and its policies to make it easier for you to understand why and how we process the information you share with us. Through these changes we strive to demonstrate FashionUnited’s work maintaining the trust our users and customers place in us when sharing their data.

Why does FashionUnited collect information about me?

Keeping in mind the goal of bringing efficiency and transparency to the industry, FashionUnited collects personal and non-personal data for the purposes of recruitment and knowledge sharing.

How is my information collected?

You share your information with FashionUnited when accessing and using its online and/or mobile services and websites as well as software provided by FashionUnited or in connection with such services or websites. The collected information is relevant to services offered by FashionUnited which include (but are not limited to): career center with job postings and newsletters with the latest developments in the fashion industry. Some of the information you provide yourself, other we collect automatically from your browser.

What kind of information is collected?

In order to take advantage of newsletter services for the fashion industry, you are asked to share the following personal data: Contact details (first and last name, address, email)

In order to take advantage of FashionUnited’s career center and apply for a job, you are asked to share the following personal data:

  • Contact details (first and last name, address, email)
  • Professional and social profile (CV and cover letter and the information you chose to share in them)
  • Password

Please keep in mind that in the situations when the job posting links to an application form on a third party website (i.e. the employer’s site) FashionUnited accepts no responsibility or liability for any third party practices on third party websites. We advise you to carefully read third party privacy statements prior to the use of any third party website.

In order to reach fashion professionals through a job listing on the platform, you are asked to share the following business data:

  • Business Registration information
  • Contact details (first and last name, address, email) of your company’s representative.

Through your activity on FashionUnited, some information from your computer or mobile device and actions taken on the site can be collected. The information gained is collected so we can customize our response to you. This information may include (and is not limited to):

  • your activity time on the site and each page
  • page views, clicks
  • session activity
  • Type of device, browser and operating system
  • MAC address and IP address the domain name from which you accessed the Site.

For more information about the technical data FashionUnited might collect, check the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

Where and how is the information about me stored?

FashionUnited processes and stores your data for the purposes you have given your consent to and to the extent it is adequate. Due to the global presence of FashionUnited, we rely on cloud computing when executing daily tasks. All user data is stored and processed with help of encrypted cloud storage solutions. We are regularly enhancing and updating our security tools, procedures and methods to better protect our your information and anonymity.

For more information about how FashionUnited protects the data (encryption, privacy by design, etc.) check the Privacy Policy .

How long will FashionUnited store my information?

Your data is stored for the time necessary to provide the service you have requested. When possible, we will provide you with an exact duration; otherwise, refer to the following principles: Your data is held as long as we provide the service you requested (i.e. as long as the recruitment process of the job offer you applied for is open or as long as we offer newsletters or for the duration of the business contract you have with FashionUnited) We take sensitivity of the information into account, when choosing data storage and processing solutions FashionUnited shall not retain Personal Data for any longer than necessary for the purposes of performing the processing outlined in the Privacy Policy. Should we wish to do so for your benefit, your consent will be requested for consent via email.

Will FashionUnited share my data with anybody else?

The information you share with FashionUnited enables us to provide you with the best user experience and service. It is available to FashionUnited and shared with third parties only when relevant. For recruitment purposes for instance, your data is immediately shared with the employer of the job you are applying to, please consult the company advertising the vacancy for their GDPR policy directly. None of your data is being sold to third parties nor shared with anybody without your consent. Your information would only be shared without permission in cases of law infringement.

What are my rights?

You are the person in control of how your information is collected and used by organisations, FashionUnited included. You have full right to access, edit, object to, restrict the processing of and delete any personal and non-personal data previously shared with FashionUnited. Should you wish to do so, please write and email to privacy@FashionUnited.com with a copy of your passport or national identity card attached. We reserve 30 days to process a formal request related to the above.

What resources are available to me if I have doubts and/ or further questions about my privacy when using FashionUnited? For more information about your privacy and FashionUnited, please check our privacy site, and/ or contact us directly at privacy@FashionUnited.com. Further information on GDPR specifically can be found at eugdpr.org.

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